Original Design

The brief given to the architects was to design a secure and private residential complex to the highest quality in materials and creative luxury in architectural style. The success is in blending the complex in to the natural contours of the land and taking advantage of the dramatic backdrop. With the magnificent landscaping in mind and using local flora we fashioned the public facilities to be a stunning and integral part of the design. A superb artificial lake/swimming pool with a lush island creates a luxurious setting for the beautifully designed duplex homes. Sahara Oasis is a complex that satisfies the needs for gracious living in stunning homes, surrounded by luxurious gardens in a secure and beautiful location. Individual homes and apartments have been superbly designed for local conditions and tastefully furnished where detail has been the guideline. Great care is taken to maximize security in order to provide privacy and pleasure and resident’s peace of mind.

In developing the Sahara Oasis complex the landscaping has once again taken prime place of importance. The wide variety of plants and detail in designing the landscape development has resulted in a truly luxuriant ecosystem. Using an artificial lake which is also serves as a swimming pool as its center piece, the stylish duplex accommodation with decks over the lake creates an unsurpassed ambience. Set into the ravine a short distance above the pool are stepped apartments with large verandas facing the sea and overlooking the lake. A sports area including tennis courts is subtly designed into the ravine in such a manner as not to clash with the environment and to reduce any noise pollution. Entrances to the complex will be controlled to ensure maximum privacy to the residents.