About the Project

Sahara Oasis residential complex offers a variety of beautifully designed homes and apartments to suit all tastes. Stage 1 comprises 10 villas alongside the artificial lake with superb sundecks over the lake and facing the sea. Set into the hillside and stepped in 4 levels are 10 penthouse duplex apartments, 18 2 bedroom apartments and 10 1 bedroom studio apartments. Every apartment leads on to a large open terrace and all have views towards the sea below allowing for open style living al fresco and are set among luscious landscaped gardens with waterfalls.

The complex will grow to a total of 98 living units. An island is built in the center of the artificial lake with access by bridges. The island is designed and landscaped to accommodate walkways for a leisurely stroll or if you are a fitness fanatic then you can jog around the island. The facilities at Sahara Oasis include an artificial river which feeds into an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sundecks, sports arena for tennis, basketball and volley ball, children’s playgrounds, spa and health centre, a first aid center, jacuzzi, restaurant and a mini market. The whole complex is secured by limited access by road with watchmen/guards maintaining security and ensuring privacy.

A management company which is situated on site maintains Sahara Oasis and are there to cater to your every whim, meet and greet when you arrive, check and maintain your home after you leave, or if you wish to recoup your investment faster, they will even handle and supervise the renting of the property when you are not in residence. The management company is there to offer you A – Z service and will do their upmost to provide you with a service that i second to none . Homes are available either unfurnished with the highest standard of fittings or fully furnished using the fine range and quality furniture offered by the developers.

What more could you wish for, from a second home in the sun?

Oasis – Alsancak