The Sahara Team

The Sahara team contains a group of people from all over the world that has vast experience in creating a new infrastructure and developing residential properties into flourishing communities and more. After months of research the group have decided to move it’s main activity to TRNC, knowing that this beautiful country is going to flourish in the next decade and more.

The group contains of a local experienced builder who will help in taking forward this project by utilizing his vast knowledge and skills, enhancing each development by turning the designs from paper into a vibrant property. They join hands with a group that has the proven ability to create a new system in a new country using the best of what that country can give, adding to the great experience within the group.

Our engineer is a one of a kind French man who has completed one of the best engineering schools in the world “The Technion of Haifa” in Israel, he worked for years in central and western Africa building some of the biggest and most lavish hotels for the local governments.
The second is an Asian builder who has built hundreds of units all over the Mediterranean and Europe. He has recently finished a couple of projects in Belgium and southern Spain, experience and a fine eye for detail ensures that nothing is overlooked and properties are completed to the high standards that we provide.
The third is considered to be the number one marketing agent for high end (1-10 million dollar apartments)in the state of Israel. And the marketing team is led by two dynamic and proactive people that has hundreds of units sold all over the world under their belt, from Toronto Canada to London England, from Las Vegas Nevada to Marabella Spain, and everything in between.

We have all decided that there is only one way to compete in this market, be the best. The Sahara brand of properties and complexes will only exceed expectations. This amazing creation by two extremely talented architects is our proof that you can go all the way with your ideas, thinking and dreams and come up with the perfect place to live in and invest.

Team Sahara